A year that was

It has been a remarkable year and I feel blessed to have experienced it.

I’ve learned how to meditate when bobbing in a small plane on my trips to Esperance in the south eastern coast of Western Australia.  The morning hues at West Beach …


And, where I watched a father teach his son patience, at sunset.

DSCN7075To the far north in the Kimberley region, Wyndham and the cattle station, Diggers Rest where a canopy of whistling ducks flew above my head.

DSCN8462And a wild bush fire burned bright at night.

DSCN8471I drank champagne at sunset in open ranges.

DSCN8454And ate delicious street food from a food truck at a Bunbury beach, with a solitary seagull for company.

DSCN7840Drove hundreds of kilometres in the Wheatbelt flanked by beige fields that had no end.


Watched a cowboy in the Kimberley work magic with calloused hands, with a touch as light as a dragonfly.

DSCN8304I visited Crab Creek, outside Broome, where the sea left a cliff of shells.

DSCN6538And, saw silver eye, beaded together, on a twig, while I ate scones, strawberry jam and drank a cup of tea leisurely.


It was the year I found my voice whilst in the arms of the mother boab tree.

DSCN8430Most importantly, it was the year I learned, each sunset is perfectly timed, but only if you are in the right place and at the right time.  I also learned, what is a sunset to one, is a sunrise to another.


Although at times I have been saddened and subdued at the ferocity of ideology, it is my belief, at this time in history, it is even more important to focus on the difference each individual can make in their world.

We have experienced another Christmas.  A time to call each other family.  It is a time of miracles.

Unity, goodwill and peace is what we wish for each other, share in common and inherent in the tenets of every major religion.

The onus of the miracle is on each individual to achieve it.

Wishing you and your loved ones a miracle or two in the year ahead.

Until the New Year

As always

a dawn bird




5 thoughts on “A year that was”

  1. Oh wow, baby ibis are cute! That top photo didn’t come through on the emailed version of the blog. Once again, really enjoyed your insights. Your giving me clarity too – thank you!


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