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Today has been a big day.  I accompanied my son to Perth Zoo.  With conflicting schedules, unfortunately his fiancee had work today and could not come with us.

My son and his fiancee have set the date for their wedding scheduled for next year.  They will be exchanging vows with the low growls of lions in the savanna exhibit nearby.  We walked around the venue where they will hold the ceremony and reception as my son gave me a running commentary of the young couple’s vision for the day.  I felt a curious mixture of elation and sadness.  I saw my son in a new light.  He will be someone’s husband, next year.  I recall walking around the same Zoo, holding his little hand, showing him this and that.  Where did time go?

After his visit with the wedding planner, I asked him if we could spend some time walking around the Zoo.  I hadn’t visited for over 20 years but this time, I had come prepared, camera and his childhood memories, in hand.

DSCN9835.jpgThe tiny Bolivian yellow squirrel monkeys were a delight.  DSCN9834.jpgThey clung to each other, surprised by early morning humans.DSCN9839.jpgOh! look at those fingers!DSCN9837.jpgAnother, poised, before jump.

I took the pictures, lost in my own world, and returned to reality when I heard my son say, “Mum! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look so happy!”

It struck me.  My children see my photographs when I return home from trips or in my blog, but they have never seen me take a photograph.

With the circuitry of the micro chip in my brain visible to his eye, my son witnessed what makes me tick.

Like I said.  Today was a big day.  A mother and a son saw each other in a new light.

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4 thoughts on “A new perspective”

  1. That’s so nice! A great day. 🙂
    Seeing the monkeys reminded me of my trip to Ecuador, South America. These monkeys are often kept as pets. One jumped on my friend’s head and wouldn’t let go of her hair – oh, golly!

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