Finding spring

It is Friday night.  A winter’s night.  Rain is lashing outside with the intermittent hiss and spray of hail.  I’m rugged up but still cold, so I had a novel thought.  I’ll conjure up spring.

My colleague from the north sent me an email today.  “Bring your camera”, she said, “the flowers are out”.  I can’t wait to see them!  I know what a feast for the eyes wildflowers can be here in spring.  I had a glimpse of this last week when I was north, so I’ll share them with you while it rains.DSCN8552.jpgThese tiny everlastings were flowers within flowers.  Thousands of these roadside.DSCN8510.jpgI thought they were exquisite.DSCN8507.jpgThis was a tiny flower.  The sand gives some perspective to the size.DSCN8487.jpgThen there were succulents.DSCN8506.jpgWere these past their prime?  Still beautiful, I thought.DSCN8501.jpgAnd carpets of these succulents, too, along the sand hills, ocean side.DSCN8483The wattle has a distinctive perfume.  Like, honey.DSCN8496.jpgVivid colours in harsh country.DSCN8512.jpgThere were thousands of these along the coast too.DSCN8468.jpgThis was one of my favourites.  There were carpets of these, yes, acres of flowers, but this one caught my eye.  It seemed to support a whole colony.

When driving these flowers look like splashes and spills of colours in an otherwise beige landscape.  I’ve found it pays to stop and look closer.  I’m glad I did, because with the din of a wild winter outside, I’m able to share with you my spring.

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a dawn bird




7 thoughts on “Finding spring”

    1. We’ve had too much rain in the city. Hoping it reaches to the farming region, and to the East, too. To be honest, I’m quite done with flying in poor weather! I’m off again .. looking forward to your travel posts. Take care

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