I see beautiful things …

I’m a bird without feathers and wings.  I seem to be more often in the air, than I am on land.  My flights take me to beautiful places.  Importantly, I see beautiful things.

I walked along the shore yesterday in Exmouth, 1200+ kms north of Perth.  The waves are particularly huge at this isolated beach.  With one eye on the tide, I took my time, camera in hand and explored the world at my feet.DSCN7060.jpgWhere the waves crashed, I found a sea urchin unexpectedly.  DSCN7056.jpgAnd another left behind by the sea on the damp sand,DSCN7055.jpgadjacent to seagull tracks.DSCN7054.jpgFurther up, there was another, still beautiful with spikes, left behind by time.DSCN7046.jpgAnd even more beautiful, ‘de-spiked’.DSCN7053Some with a hint of lavender.DSCN7042.jpgOthers buried in sand.DSCN7065.jpgAn artefact of the ocean, on land.

Thrilled with my experience on the beach I headed to the hotel and read up a little on sea urchins only to learn, they are reborn by turning themselves inside out.

Writers do this, too.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird





11 thoughts on “I see beautiful things …”

  1. The sea urchins are very beautiful. You’ve stirred a memory. Several years ago, we bought a piece of pottery in the shape of one of the old spineless sea urchins in your photos. I must have moved it from its usual place when I was having a clean-up. And now I realise I haven’t seen it for ages. I must have another clean-up and hopefully it will turn up.

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