Fleeting moments that matter

I slept in my own bed last night, the first time in many after spending just about every night in a new town for the last few days.

I know for sure I could not do this without my little intakes of breath every time I go for a walk with camera.  I’ve brought home hundreds of photographs.  As the wind blows up a storm outdoors, my thoughts are with the mornings I spent elsewhere.DSCN8172.jpg
I started and ended my trip in Bunbury, this time I stayed closer to the estuary.  The silhouette of Bunbury Tower is always stunning at sunset.DSCN8233.jpg
As usual, when in Bunbury, I head off to Big Swamp wetlands.  The Welcome Swallows are gorgeous here and love facing the sun.  They are quite fearless and only fly away when one is almost within touching distance.  I love how plump they look!DSCN8109.jpg
I’m always on the lookout for fairy blue wrens at Big Swamp.  There’s always a pair somewhere.  This one looked like a young one.  It was hesitant for a moment as it gauged the distance across the pathway before it launched itself to the other side.  A moment I was waiting for.DSCN8187.jpg
The Willy Wagtails were plenty, some fluffier than others and quieter too, which made me think they were young ones.DSCN8221.jpg
Gorgeous, I thought!DSCN8249.jpg
The tiny brown honeyeater is the size of a small leaf.  It has the sweetest call and so difficult to see in foliage.  This one was visible for just a nanosecond before it disappeared again.DSCN7922.jpg
Further south in Dunsborough during a bush walk I found small flocks of Silvereye feeding among the Bottlebrush bushes.
Look at the beautiful detail in the feathers!

There is no way I could do what I do for a living, either on a physical or emotional level, without having these moments in my day.  I know this for sure.

I now know Nature doesn’t heal.  Being in Nature, is healing.  I feel renewed just revisiting these moments.

Hope these photographs bring joy to you, too.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


13 thoughts on “Fleeting moments that matter”

      1. You get about! I worked part time at the hospital for about seven months a couple of years ago. Loved going to Big Swamp regularly. Surprised our paths haven’t crossed.

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