The take-off …

It was a few years later
she was taking an early morning flight she could not avoid
when he walked up to her
and picked up the thread again
He was now divorced
the marriage had ended long before he met her
“But you already knew that”, he grinned
“we just never talked”, he felt the need to explain
She remained silent, listening,
she was good at this, too
seated she looked up at him
time had not diminished how she felt
everything about him was still familiar
the casual droop of shoulders
with a backpack slung low
the Pilbara sun had tanned his arms in winter
the high viz clothing accentuating this
He picked up her bag
jerked his head toward the airport cafe
“Let’s get some coffee”, he invited
“with any luck, the flight’s delayed”
he didn’t have to say any more
they both knew, it was on again.

a dawn bird

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