Some things are free

I find it ironic at a time when I have the means to enjoy the finer things in life, the simple things in nature give me the most pleasure.  Gone are the high heels!  I’m stepping into life in boots or barefeet!DSCN9098.JPG
I love walking along Geographe Bay in Busselton, in the South West of Western Australia.  The clouds are always a treat to observe early morning.  The jetty curves into the Bay for nearly two kilometers and is a great walk at sunset.DSCN6663.jpgI enjoy my lunch break in the Arboretum in Kalgoorlie where boughs of gum flowers hang above my car.  I’m usually alone here with the only sounds being the buzz of bees and birdsong.  I love the solitude of an hour in a crowded day.DSCN6231.jpgI love the Wheatbelt in winter.  The fog across the paddocks in Merredin makes everything glow.DSCN7632.jpgAnd the primary colours in Broome, north of Perth, where the sea is bluer than the sky.DSCN8430.jpg
I visited this place two years ago.  It is a boab grove in open landscape at a cattle station called Diggers Rest not far from Wyndham.  We enjoyed a champagne sunset here.  It was magical!DSCN7594.jpg
I also love finding boab trees embossed on the silver sands of Cable Beach, Broome.DSCN7059.jpg
And the isolation found on Cable Beach, a beach that is 22 kms long. DSCN9939
Following the flower like pattern of seagull footprints.DSCN8343
And, of course, there is nothing money could buy that would replicate the feeling of looking into the eyes of a joey.

Yes it takes money to get to these places but once there, everything else is free.  Seeking these moments has become an insatiable passion and one that satisfies me on a spiritual level, too.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird



In response to Word of the Day Challenge:  Money




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