Wreath Flowers

It was on my bucket list of things to do but I never got around to taking time off to see these wonderful flowers until this year partly because the timing has got to be right.  This year we got there at just the right time, a week too early, a week too late, and we would not have seen them.

They are known as wreath flowers, a type of Leschenaultia that grows wild in the midwest region, north of Perth.  DSCN7696.jpg
The flowers grow roadside where gravel has been disturbed and we met people from around the world who came to see this iconic, rare flower that grows in Western Australia.DSCN7691.jpg
The colours were from soft butter.DSCN7694.jpg
To infant pink …thumb_IMG_0120_1024.jpg
Deeper pink …thumb_IMG_0122_1024.jpg
To fuschia … the coverted red was elusive.DSCN7695.jpg
Close up they are delicate.

It was a memorable day but I was saddened when I talked to the local lady at the petrol station who told me they are desperately waiting for rain.  Their annual rainfall is 390 mm and they have only had 100 mm this year.  The farmers have been optimistic and planted, looking upwards and sideways for rain.

May Lady Luck and Mother Nature join forces soon.  The farmers deserve a break.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to One Word Sunday – Luck – hosted by Debbie Smyth

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