Australian icons …

I know they are not the farmer’s friend and they can cause chaos on country roads at dusk but to me, an unexpected encounter with a wild kangaroo is a delight.

I’m always careful early morning in Foxes Lair, Narrogin, in the south eastern Wheatbelt region of Western Australia.  At dusk too, when I drive through.  I usually see a kangaroo or even a small mob.  This morning I was later than usual and got there around 7 am.  The early morning walkers had already gone through the reserve except for one.  I often see him with his dog and he’ll say a few polite words.

I inched my car through the narrow pathway heading to the car park when I heard a gentle rustle.  A joey!DSCN8958
It hopped in front of the car and then went behind a small shrub, yet so close and within reach.  Oh! that look!  I melted just like that.  DSCN8965
The joey hopped away, stopped and looked around as if searching DSCN8967
… this is a quintessential Australian bush scene.DSCN8969
Then I saw mother.  I’ve only noticed the third kangaroo (to the left of centre) when I uploaded the pic.  They blend in so well with the bush and being shy creatures they can slink away into the scrub very quickly.DSCN8977
All three crossed to the other side of the reserve.  As the mother and joey hopped away, the male stood upright, his stance unmistakably, don’t mess with my family.  I respected his guard and waited until they were out of sight.DSCN8992
When I could no longer see them, my gaze scanned the ground.  Since being in the Murchison, I’m now interested in animal tracks, too.  I don’t believe I have ever seen tracks made by a kangaroo tail, before.  A first for me!

I’m home overnight and leave again tomorrow.  As the year is winding down, I feel a bit fatigued.  I know I’m not comfortable in my skin when I feel this way.  Besides, today has not been a good day.  What a difference 12 hours make.  I drove home with roadworks and big farming machinery on the highway slowing my trip only to find a hotel has messed up my booking.  I accept people make genuine mistakes.  But when one tries to cover up with a lame excuse, that’s something I find hard to accept.  I feel I let myself down by losing my cool.  I wish I had taken a deep breath.  What’s done can’t be undone.  I’m expecting to get the worst room in the hotel when I get there!

But for now, I think I’ll just go and indulge in some comfort food … Vegemite on barely warm toast, a slather of butter and a cup of tea.  I feel better already!

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

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10 thoughts on “Australian icons …”

    1. Thanks for that! I will look it up. My travel companion grew up on a farm and with indigenous people so quite knowledgeable about the bush. I thoroughly enjoyed the Murchison trip. I’m learning so much!

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your encounter with the Kangaroo family. I’m on the road a lot too and wildlife for me is an issue, but so different from yours. The big ones for me are the deer and antelope, I can’t imagine having to keep my eyes peeled for Kangaroos! An amazing world we live in!

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