Message in a bottle

Even though the year has not yet ended, I still believe one of the highlights in 2019 for me was the experience of ‘Boorna Waanginy:  The Trees Speak’.  A Festival of Perth light and oral history of land of the Noongar people played against the backdrop of tall gum trees was a memorable experience.  I’ve written about it in another post.  You, too, can experience it by watching the clips on You Tube.

The walk was Ikea-like.  One way until you reach the end.  As the crowd of thousands flowed through Kings Park we pooled into a magical garden where glowing glass bottles hung from tree limbs and branches.  The garden was tucked away and the soft glow emanated a feeling of intimacy, a oneness.  On closer inspection, each lantern was labelled.  This was a place of awareness.  A place where knowledge was shared.  The labels identified species that are threatened.  The flora.  The fauna.  Voices of those impacted and witness to environmental change  conveyed their testimony of what was and is not any more.  For me, the intimacy was real.  One was lulled by the beauty of the place.  It would have been easy to become complacent and just enjoy the moment.  Until the message in the bottles spoke louder.  One had to respond.

Today I’ll reflect on this.  How can I make a difference?

May you, too, choose your path mindfully today.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to Word of the Day Challenge: Glass

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