10 thoughts on “Pic and a Word Challenge #225 – Glimmer”

      1. Being away from home so often has been helpful because my home is a new place I’m visiting! lol I’m enjoying being close to loved ones at this time.
        My clinics have become tele health and we are using technology in creative ways, so some income is trickling in. I try not to think of the year ahead.
        The thinking of some world leaders is pretty shocking! Ours has warned the “short term” is six months at least with more restrictions being imposed each day. Aussies are people of the outdoors. Being indoors often means the gym for a certain demographic. But, oddly, folks are insisting on more restrictions.


    1. It’s gorgeous from above at certain light. This flight is on a small plane, usually at 18,000 ft. I love it though, I can see and experience so much more. Thanks for your visit. 🙂


      1. Thank you for taking the challenge! ❤

        I can find something to love in just about any type of movement… still, there's nothing quite like the view from way up in the sky. I will take a window seat anyday.

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      2. My pleasure!
        haha I’m with you. I love the window seat and although I know the landscape, north to south, well, I still find new perspectives. Unfortunately, I’m grounded indefinitely.


      3. I’m presently quarantined — can’t leave my small apartment for any reason for 14 days — two of those complete. Can’t receive visitors. Can’t go to the laundry room. Can’t take my garbage out. Can’t hand it to someone else to throw out for me. If I order food or anything delivered, I have to pay online, and have the delivery person leave it at the door and walk away.

        I’m grateful for it, though. All Canadians who are returning from travel abroad are subject to this “mandatory self-isolation.” There are substantial fines and jail time for those caught breaking the quarantine. Up to $1,000,000 and/or 3 years in jail if you’re found to be recklessly endangering others.

        That’s a pretty emphatic STAY HOME! 😉

        I do have a window seat with a peekaboo view of the mountains and the Lions Gate Bridge. 😉

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      4. That’s pretty intense! You live in Canada?
        Not all people here are getting the message and thinking they can go and sun themselves in the park. Makes me so cross!


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