Changing in a changing world …

Paraburdoo, Pilbara mining region, Western Australia

It’s just gone 6 am and I’ve been up for a couple of hours.  Outside, the kookaburras’ distinctive laughter is somewhat subdued but just loud enough to keep me company while I enjoyed my coffee.  From my study window I can see, to my left, the sky is the colour of a day old bruise, sepia brown and purple.  The softest morning light is infusing my home slowly.  As I write I can hear different bird calls.  The lorikeets, the Willy Wagtail, the brown honey eater, waking and finding their space in the back garden.

Nature being the only stable thing for me right now, I gravitate towards it, seeking and experiencing every moment.  With no distant hum of freeway traffic, it feels like I’m in my own world.  A sense of isolation, when the world is in this crisis together, is a strange place to be.  Solitude is something I seek each day but isolation, imposed, is a new experience.  An experience that made others stronger and more resilient, is a reminder to self each day.

I’m trying to stay as close to normal as I can, which is odd for me to say this because life is not, and will not be normal for me.  I am grounded indefinitely.  So I’ve taken the view of finding joy in my own space, discovering each room, each space in the garden, with new eyes and seeing potential that I never had time for before.  It’s time to nest.  To regroup.  To cull.  To hold those I love, a little closer.  There is emotional luxury in this.

One of the normal things for me to do will be to write each day, discover new blogs and new words.  Connect with others on a wider scale.  I was thrilled to find a new word prompt I can contribute to.  Thanks Tracy!

So on to the prompt …

I’m not sure whether this is a crow or raven but I’m leaning towards a raven.  From childhood I have associated this bird with bad luck or death.  Maybe because of a rhyme we sang as children:

One for sorrow
two for joy
three for a letter
four for a boy
five for silver
six for gold
seven for a secret,
never to be told

But I now know for some, the symbolism of ravens is associated with good luck representing ‘magic’ or transformation even.  For me the concept of ‘magic’ as something that emerges from ‘out of the box’ of impossibility.  Something that surprises, makes one gasp.  I like this!  I like the idea of emerging.  Of emerging full of hope, full of energy.  Of breaking out from the now, the present as we know it, soft as new, yet strong enough to survive, with a rebel yell of a newborn.  This need not be the outcome of surviving a crisis (any crisis).  It can be the beginning of each day as we journey through it.

This is what I wish for you.

Stay safe and healthy.  We are in it together.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge #1

5 thoughts on “Changing in a changing world …”

  1. I love that time in the morning when it is only me, my coffee, bird calls and the sound of the wind. My thoughts are with those waiting for the result of their tests, sick in home isolation and fighting for their lives. Soon it will be over. We hold their hands in spirit.

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    1. Amen to that.
      I found yesterday an elderly family friend passed away from a medical condition earlier this week. Due to the new funeral restrictions I won’t be able to attend her service. It saddens me.

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    1. Oh! I’m on to it! I have to otherwise it leads to a struggle to stay afloat. Hope all is well in your world.
      I have to admit, I don’t understand the public health policy at all!


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