About me…

I live in Western Australia.  It is big country rich in diversity. Although born overseas, it is a place I feel most at home.

My foray into writing was over twenty years ago. I have scores of poems waiting to be collated and published. A draft book, some 32,000 words later, is still in the making. I may never see them published through a publisher, although self-publishing for my immediate family and close friends, is within reach. In the interim, I hope blogging will soothe the writer’s beast in me …

My writing is usually activated by a thought, a word, a perception, something tangible or intangible. It is spirit yoga. I take a deep breath and then let it out. Perhaps, it is a yearning from teen years of secretive scribbling into a diary that gave immense relief during the angst of adolescence.

A ‘late bloomer’ I started university by enrolling in English Literature but soon realised, a writer’s path to publishing is usually fraught with heartache and rejection. It paralleled my then life too closely. I switched majors into something that has given me a rewarding career path. It is a job that requires me to think, to analyse, to sift through information, to look at evidence. It is a job that demands I am in the present. It is a job that makes a difference in another person’s life. I’ve come to realise, so does the written word, so I have returned to where I started from.

Ironically, being busy has nurtured my writing in a serendipitous way. I need to write to be able to function at a higher level. It centres me. Deep within the frenetic tapping of the keys, is a place of stillness. It is there, in that oasis, that I know who I am.

My journey so far has been no different than any other mother, friend, colleague, or neighbour.  My personal path, the one I consciously choose each day, is one I embarked on my own, many years ago.  It has no destination, but I do have an unwavering commitment to enjoy the ride.  At the urging of family and friends, I find myself here to share my writing and photographs with a wider, unknown audience.

My journey in charted by camera and words, all made possible with the love and support of my fellow travellers, my children.  So, naturally, each step is shared with them.

I hope you get to know me and the beautiful land I am privileged to call home.  And when you visit, stay long enough to share part of yourself, your thoughts, your vision for a better world.

Until then

As always

a dawn bird

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