What if …

In response to RDP – Monday – Volume

I had an unsettling thought the other morning during reflection.

I estimated I had fewer years ahead of me, than behind me. It was a sobering moment. How quickly youth flitted by, seemingly, without care.

I wondered what if we consciously lived with an awareness that we are given finite time on earth. How would we use it. How would we value it. How would we cherish it. This was not a morbid thought but rather, a thought that invigorated me.

With some guilt I had to admit, I have wasted many years. Did not value time and I regret not cherishing moments that I should have.

The choice was mine. I could have stayed in that moment, stagnant. Or. I could reach over and relive time again. I reached over. Flipped the timer over and found a certain joy within.

How much time we have is not important. It is what we choose to do with it.

The choice I make is easy. I want more oneness with nature. More silence that speaks volumes. More stillness. More movement.

The inertia I’ve been feeling from constant work shifted today. I have booked my first holiday in more than two years. The anticipation and joy of a week in the South West, even though the weather is not great at the moment, is exhilarating. I’ll have soggy boots, and camera in hand. I will be happy and at peace again.

May you choose to savour time. It is a gift that cannot be returned.

Until next time

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a dawn bird