It’s time …

RDP – Thursday – Rejuvenate

It’s been a long road to normalcy.

The last few months were challenging on many levels … loss of extended family and childhood friends, COVID and a flare up of RA. A perfect storm that knocked me off my feet. Fatigued, each day seemed less productive than the day before.

I woke one morning and while in the kitchen I noticed a silent shadow fly over the backyard. Too big and too silent for the usual birds, I knew it was a kookaburra. It perked me right up!

Kookaburras are carnivorous birds. They are large. They are silent when hunting for food and are highly successful at finding it. They are undeterred by the presence of another and their focus, unwavering, is amazing.

It took me a little time to find him, so beautifully camouflaged was he.

When, as if on cue, …

… adjusted his profile and gave me a brief moment to adjust my focus …

and alighted, the moment, a ray of sunshine.

I went indoors energised. I reflected on the last few months and found the three triggers I need to avoid to manage my RA … stress, dehydration and lack of sleep. All triggers within my power to avoid, the thought in itself, gave me the impetus I needed to slowly regain my functioning self. I am nearly there.

Nature is healing. I know this to be true. I find companionship and solitude that is healing beyond anything else. It is my daily elixir.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird