I made the sun rise

Karri forest, Pemberton, Western Australia

This morning, I fished the sun
out of the darkest sky
reeled it up high
reeled it up high

birds silenced mid-song
flowers unfurled, paused, then bloomed

deep in karri country
the gum trees
whispered like the sea

debris crunched
under my feet

lifted on air, unaware
that perfumed cloud
returned me

a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Wednesday – Rise

Landscape of life …

In response to Daily Prompt – Wednesday – Anticipate

Gascoyne region, Western Australia

In that moment when time stood still
I travelled the landscape of life
arriving at youth
where courage and dreams were intertwined
I stayed for a while
in that sanctuary
where life flowed seamlessly
in the child-woman in me
I walked across the water
reflective as glass effortlessly,
as if, on solid ground
I caught my breath
at the junction of the unexpected,
when truth, like lightening,
blazed light all around
the ride into womanhood
was filled with anticipation
for dreams, yet unfulfilled
and in that moment of stillness
my vision less bedazzled,
in a backward glance,
filled with trepidation, found,
the balance was in my favour
I had more than I had lost
youth may have been short and sweet
but to my delight,
flanked by dares
the road ahead is longer.

a dawn bird

I’m trying to get back to where I used to be and today seemed like a good day to start.

My wish for you is that you find the starting point, the beginning of anything, is exactly where you are.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

Forest Sprite

In response to RDP -Tuesday – Moss

No roots,
growing free
tenacious, and strong
towering tree above
held firm,
by a velvet glove.

a dawn bird

I’ve always been attracted to moss when I’m out and about with my camera but I knew little about it until this word prompt. The prompt made me curious. What exactly is moss? I had to admit to myself all I knew was that I love the look of it, and nothing more.

It’s interesting to me there are so many things I take for granted or just feel are unimportant to know. Why clutter my mind is my excuse. I reminded myself while writing this post, how do we determine what is important or not, if we know nothing about it?

I learned today that moss signal there is water underneath (I sort of knew this, well, vaguely). It absorbs rain and nurtures the earth with nutrients. Moss has no roots and yet there is growth. Now in that little snippet of knowledge, was a message for me.

I know people who are like this. They are resilient like moss. They bloom, be it forest floor, or landscaped garden. They are delicate, a soft place to land, yet hold the earth steady, in their hand. Something for me to emulate.

This is my first post for 2022. I enter the year with an open heart and curious mind. My wish for you is that you experience kindness, strength, joy and gratitude.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


As a child I gazed at the sky and asked why
why is the moon so generous to sea and sky,
and yet, like a dream, out of reach for me?

The Universe replied

That symbol of love is there
out of reach, for the child to see
like the moon,
she has the power of one, to blind the sun
she can dance on the sea
at Earth’s seam, beyond the shore
she can fade and disappear
and yet omnipresent,
like hope, she will appear
to the woman
who was once a child that asked why
but bravely followed a dimly lit path shown
under the mother-gaze of the moon
and found, when she dreamed,
she was never alone.

a dawn bird

Between the leaves

A feather drifted off
and nestled in debris
it once gave flight to tiny wings
kept a body warm, and spirit free
for now,
it sparkled in setting sun
this inanimate purity
held tight, for a fleeting moment in a storm
for me to contemplate the journey
how strong this fragile wisp
that once flew high above trees
surrender to wind shear,
yet hold its own
for me to see, this story.

a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Saturday – Union

Standing still

There is something magical that happens when a new relationship begins. Each moment is treasured, reflected on, stored in memory, much like those moments in nature when time stands still, and forces you to do so too.

Last night I slept where you had been
the sheets still warm from memories
when you were gone, I woke
to the darkness of dawn
silent with shadows
but filled with birdsong
so I snuggled in deeper,
with the memories
of where you had once been.

a dawn bird

In response to Word of the Day Challenge – Begin

The Dreamers

I wandered around the garden
found his footsteps where he had stopped,
and looked back thoughtfully
would I like a flowering shrub, or a shady tree
when the last autumn leaf floated free
like me, at his feet
and I know
he would have smiled at the memory
as do I
in the garden, he is creating for me.

a dawn bird

The Garden Within


Within the labyrinth
there’s a secret garden within  me
hidden from all
untouched by seasons
my soft place to fall
it has no lines or edges
enclosed in this space, unwalled
I wake each day to take a breath
the purest breath
of joy, that restores me whole.

a dawn bird

In response to Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge – Week 17 – Start a Garden (Indoor or Outdoor)