The Escape

DSCN9384.JPGIt’s morning, yes morning
Dawn hasn’t arrived yet
looking at my day, it won’t be
The coffee is bitter
The work piled up
the sky as grey as I feel
in a hotel room
with alone for company
unlike me,
I made time in my schedule
to count my sorrows
but I’m bad at maths
so I’ll make this prison a perch
free the caged bird within me
and think about the tomorrows instead
next week I’ll travel north

over land and sea
to a place where I’ll dress in anonymity
I’ll be invisible,
A transient
I’ll wander aimlessly
And photo bomb tourists and backpackers,
Unintentionally, of course
I’ll feel the warmth of sun
I’ll have breakfast in bed
I’ll feel vibrant as the frangipani perfume
that wafts in from outside the door
I’ll watch the river mullet dance on water
I’ll watch the white heron catch fish
I’ll watch the sun seep into the sky
Twice, yes, twice each day
And know,
I was wrong today
Dawn always arrives.

a dawn bird


Just swipe right


I am a mother
Always will be, unconditionally
Barefooted, I am not tall
And I am no longer as slim as I used to be
I am ordinary
with a generous, forgiving heart
I am softly spoken
You will have to lean in
To hear me in a crowd
I am shy but adventurous
You’ll find my footprints, often a single set,
along the ruffled coast from north to south
You’ll never hear me cry
because there are parts to me, off limits
I believe pain cuts deep
And the scar is visible in what we say and do
So I have a good listening ear and soothing hand
when you need someone to comfort you
My skin is nut brown
and it may surprise you, I tan easily in summer,
and where untouched by sun
I glow in the dark
Where touched, too
I can be abrupt, impatient, untidy
I suffer from road rage in the city
on country roads, I dream
I am organised, thoughtful, kind
I am independent, fiercely independent
You’ll have to put up with that
I love books
If you’re rich, I’ll pass on the diamonds
just buy me a library
or a publishing firm, too, will do
I love conversations
When together, I expect the mobile to be out of reach
I believe equality is not ‘sameness’
Equality acknowledges differences
And we work towards a level playing field for all
My chosen lifestyle is not conventional
and faith guides my path each day
I choose not to live with people’s pain
it’s not that I don’t care
but through the lens of their reality
I seek the preciousness of life given to me
I live to experience life, not live it day by day
I am busy, way too busy
it has made me lazy
I no longer look for love
But if you do
find me.

a dawn bird

Pink, the colour of hope


Today I stepped into a rabbit hole
falling head first with a silent scream
I landed in a world of chaos
and waded through a pool of hate
as I searched for meaning
in the mire of arrogant righteousness
in the darkest recess of a garden
where nothing else grew
I found a pink rosebud
so I offer this symbol of hope
in solidarity, from me to you.

Dedicated to our neighbours in New Zealand who have lost loved ones and their innocence.  May you live in peace and safety again.

a dawn bird

Autumn Song


It was summer twenty four hours ago
my skin is still burnished brown
the dawn sun ignites a signal lamp
and spells in code,
slow down.

My girth is too wide for embrace
but where my wisdom is kept
I am matriarch
alive among sapling and dead wood
I am old, as I am young again

Come closer, yes, closer
lean in
hear my autumn song.

a dawn bird

(In response to the RDP word, diametric)