As a child I gazed at the sky and asked why
why is the moon so generous to sea and sky,
and yet, like a dream, out of reach for me?

The Universe replied

That symbol of love is there
out of reach, for the child to see
like the moon,
she has the power of one, to blind the sun
she can dance on the sea
at Earth’s seam, beyond the shore
she can fade and disappear
and yet omnipresent,
like hope, she will appear
to the woman
who was once a child that asked why
but bravely followed a dimly lit path shown
under the mother-gaze of the moon
and found, when she dreamed,
she was never alone.

a dawn bird

5 thoughts on “Why?”

    1. Hi Eliza, thankfully, I’m more well than not these days but incredibly busy, having lost a fair bit of time. So good to be in touch again. I have lots of pics and will add to the October walk. Hope all in well in your part of the world.

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