Memories that we keep …

In response to Word of the Day Challenge – Keeping

I’ve just returned after a quick trip to the South West of our State. My yearning to have my forever home there, is intensified. Each morning I set out looking for what I knew I would find.

Manea Park was quiet, except for the bird song. On the carpet of leaves, I knew, by next month, there will be wild orchids galore.

At the Bunbury Wetlands, the swallow chicks were fearless. All puffed out in fluffy coats, they watched my approach with curiosity and innocence.

I watched this little one for ages. She was not anxious for her next meal, she knew it would come. I brought home some of her wisdom.

My whole spirit delighted in what I saw in the bush. I was in a bird nursery. There were chicks everywhere.

When this tiny blue wren chick caught the sun in her chest, I knew this was a moment, for me to keep.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

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