Venus, within

In response to RDP – Tuesday – Chaos

When dawn broke
I awoke, yet again, to a dark sky
Stood at the threshold
There was a galaxy up high
Unnoticed, Venus shone bright
Until she caught my eye
That planet, a star
Faithful friend in the darkest hour
She appeared, silent
Reliably undeterred
to convince me
In the darkest of nights
I may be blinded by what I cannot see
But that’s okay
I don’t need a galaxy
To brighten my day
I need to seek
that lone star,
Venus, within
That will brighten the way

a dawn bird

As a child I would look at the sky and search for the “morning star” or “evening star”. I did not know I was searching for Venus.

Sometimes, in life, we search for the brightest things, never realising what they really are, except we are drawn to them because they bedazzle us.

Over the years, I have found, when we search outwards, we dim the light within.

May you find your light within and may it shine brightest, in the darkest hour.


Until next time

As always

a dawn bird