Love, unfiltered

In response to RDP – Monday – Filter

I was once the moon, that filled the night sky with my luminous eye. I was once the moon that brought sea to shore, faithfully, once more. I was once the moon that eclipsed the fierce sun, when the long day was done. I was once the moon, silent companion, that faded into obscurity during the day. I was once the moon, the promise, in darkness, we find light.

I was once your moon.

I am here.

Find me again.

a dawnbird


Paula Light has suggested we post one thing we love every day during the month of February. I love the idea of serendipity.

There is no other way I can describe how I met my first and last loves except that it was serendipity. I met my former husband when walking across a crosswalk. He made a comment and I noted his Canadian accent. He was thrilled when I did and we started talking. We married eleven years later, had two children, divorced ten years after marriage and remain on good terms.

I do believe I have met the last love I will have, in the most circuitous way. I drove past him, stopped to say hello to someone he was with and several months later, ignited something that has continued for several months despite the tyranny of distance.

To find something that one searches for in the most unexpected way is a feeling like no other, like finding heart shaped rocks and stones, which I do regularly when beach combing or bush walking.

May what your heart desires, find you, too.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

Photo a Week Challenge – Sleeping While you were sleeping …

Between Williams and Narrogin, Wheatbelt Region, Western Australia

Last night in the darkness
unable to sleep
I counted sheep
while you were sleeping
your heartbeat, mine
oh! that familiar rhythm
lulled my body
until next time

a dawn bird

In response to Photo a Week Challenge – Sleeping

A sure thing …


The touch was light
imperceptible, except to eye
as I watched him reach,
where battle lines were once drawn
he stopped awhile
and traced the scars
he didn’t ask how, where or why
I let him wander to the edge
his footfall hesitant,
picking his way through sticks and stones
at the juncture
he paused, and tested yield
and in my eyes
the path of least resistance

a dawn bird


In response to RDP – Sunday – Wander

When Dawn breaks …

DSCN0998.jpgThis year
your forever birthday is remembered again
So this morning I woke treading memories
Of where I’ve been
It’s been years
Yet sometimes it feels
I’ve moved on, a day

I wake most mornings alone
While others come and go
Where you once had been
Their warmth is now comforting,
It shouldn’t be, but it is
I’m learning to live guilt free

I recall wrestling with demons was exhausting
they came dressed in well meaning words from friends
in this journey,
life goes on, they said

I’ve found life is not a journey
just as well,
it would had ended long before now
but it didn’t,
somewhere my footsteps faltered
I’m glad they did

I found my home, a new home
to house my body and soul
It has no doors, no gates or windows
The breeze flows
I shut nothing out, nothing in
That’s where, each day, I begin

I reframed the journey,
that common metaphor, into a mirror
it had to be done for me to stand still, and face face
I seek joy in each day
Sometimes in moments like this
finding I now sit comfortably,
in that precarious place
side by side, with pain

And in that moment,
reality takes hold, with each passing day
Grief does not crush
to self, I am true
I am healed, open again
to be loved and to love deeply

Could I have been this brave
Had I not lost you?

a dawn bird

In response RDP – Monday – Daylight

When love came knocking …


I found lost treasure
this feather, perfect and free
left by an angel, for me
A message in sand
live life light
what falls away makes us free
you don’t need feathers in a hat
just wings,
that no one can see
an epiphany, from an angel
when he left a feather for me.

a dawn bird

In response to Word of the Day Challenge – Knock

You don’t need arms to hug

thumb_IMG_1256_1024You don’t need arms to hug
sometimes, words will do
a look, too, can be sufficient
or a touch, or text that says,
I’m here for you
A thoughtful gesture
is much like a hug
ordering my second coffee, for instance
without me asking you to
switching sides without complaining, when we sleep
you know I like facing the door
It’s just one of my quirks, we laugh
I’m always thankful, you’ve never asked me to explain more
How about the ordinary?
like a walk along the shore,
or explaining to me patiently, yet again,
the intricacies of that damned alternator, that cost a fortune to fix
Yes, I tell him
we don’t need arms to hug
sometimes words and gestures will do
because together or apart
We means, a me and a you.

a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Saturday – Hugs

The sundowner …


As I sat at the window watching
the sun slipped off the horizon
outside, the palm trees rustled
and the frangipani bloomed

The night, young and warm
much like me once
yes, you knew me then, in the dark
like the frangipani, by perfume

Laughter around me, the genie
I see your presence in a fleeting smile
not yours, but familiar enough
oh! those uneven rolled sleeves and crinkled eyes

How near you are, when I’m far
sitting here, sipping thoughts
from an empty glass,
in a noisy bar

If you were with me
I’d say, like before,
bring out the stars
make my jaded heart sparkle again

a dawn bird

In response to Word of the Day Challenge – Sparkle