In response to RDP – Wednesday – Question

I lay in bed listening to the ocean roar
the winds screeched above me
the trees bent over, leaves stripped
I was gripped in winter’s full fury
I asked no one beside me,
why is the world an unfriendly place?
when one is alone
this is the message shared with me

The world may be an unfriendly place
but the Universe is a friend
she watches, listens and waits
nothing is given too early
nothing held back, too late

So I rugged up against the winds
and stepped into that enchanted place of communion
I told the Universe where I was
and where I never thought I’d be again
I felt her warm presence walk beside me
mother-like, she said

Each morning, head out to the unknown
with just one certainty
seek what you are looking for
and you will find, what you seek

Remember, there is poetry in Nature
nothing seems what it seems to be
a piece of rock, is history
the forest, a healing sanctuary
the setting sun, is not an ending
it is a new day, elsewhere
and in the first light of dawn, when you feel blue
a flower may open to the sun
but it smiles at you.

a dawn bird

Love, unfiltered

In response to RDP – Monday – Filter

I was once the moon, that filled the night sky with my luminous eye. I was once the moon that brought sea to shore, faithfully, once more. I was once the moon that eclipsed the fierce sun, when the long day was done. I was once the moon, silent companion, that faded into obscurity during the day. I was once the moon, the promise, in darkness, we find light.

I was once your moon.

I am here.

Find me again.

a dawnbird

My teacher, the surfer …

West Beach, Esperance, Western Australia

It is in the moment of falling,
losing grip of that fluid ground
his peripheral vision sharp
as he gazes briefly on those around
still waiting for that wave he caught
lying around,
waiting, while he falls
while he falls, he know he caught the wave boldly
the one they waited for
so he rises again, firm, steady,
boldly determined
on fluid ground once more.

by dawnbird

I love watching and photographing surfers. When I see them in the ocean, they teach me about hope, anticipation, courage, patience and most of all, determination.

So I start my first post of the year wishing that you have the courage to ride that wave because it is only in the falling, that you will know you have done so.

As always

a dawnbird

PS The poem came to me today from a place where I was two months ago which I will write about in the next post.

In response to Daily Word Prompt – Affect

Heart Mosiac

At that fluid edge
I collect pieces
chips, fragments, remnants
insert randomly
create storm cloud pathways
a mosiac, familiar to me
The way forward
is the way back
diverting, mending
unpicking threads of thoughts
that bind tightly
loosening, discarding
letting go,
letting in
forging the path ahead
where I want to be
with clarity.

a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Saturday – The Path Ahead

Seagull serendipity

VJ at One Woman’s Quest has invited us to respond to a quote by the Dalai Lama.

“The planet does not need more “successful people”.  The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.”

I believe healers, peacemakers, restorers, storytellers and lovers cross our path each day.  To be unaware of their presence is a gift we can deny ourselves, and at our peril.

Every time I photograph something, it speaks to me on a deeper level.  I am more open, as I go deeper within.  The art and science of this, is never linger within, for a moment longer than necessary.  That’s when you deny yourself the gift, the mystery of serendipity.

I love photographing gulls.  They have a certain presence, a dignity, despite their reputation of being a nuisance.  I love their attitude!  They are fierce in the face of it all and captured in a brief moment between lens and me, which I now share with you.


Oh! she is brave
as she faces the sun
skin freckled with age
eye brows undone
bright eyed, without sleep
her day never done
Oh! she is brave
as she faces the sun
and offers her painted lips
to no one.

a dawn bird

In response to VJs Weekly Challenge – #94 – Wild Card

An Open Heart


Arum lily

In that space of grey
I floated free
no one else there, but me
thoughts of you came and went
there were days, I wept myself spent
until there were days of joy,
you were right there with me

In your presence I was born again
allowing love and laughter to be my friend
Oh! how time has flown
I have grown younger by the day
where did age go, I cannot say

As I navigate through stumbles and falls
eager to experience all
the time has come to smile and say
an open heart can chart new ways
this I understand, today.

a dawn bird

In response to Word of the Day Challenge – Understand