My teacher, the surfer …

West Beach, Esperance, Western Australia

It is in the moment of falling,
losing grip of that fluid ground
his peripheral vision sharp
as he gazes briefly on those around
still waiting for that wave he caught
lying around,
waiting, while he falls
while he falls, he know he caught the wave boldly
the one they waited for
so he rises again, firm, steady,
boldly determined
on fluid ground once more.

by dawnbird

I love watching and photographing surfers. When I see them in the ocean, they teach me about hope, anticipation, courage, patience and most of all, determination.

So I start my first post of the year wishing that you have the courage to ride that wave because it is only in the falling, that you will know you have done so.

As always

a dawnbird

PS The poem came to me today from a place where I was two months ago which I will write about in the next post.

In response to Daily Word Prompt – Affect

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