You don’t need arms to hug

thumb_IMG_1256_1024You don’t need arms to hug
sometimes, words will do
a look, too, can be sufficient
or a touch, or text that says,
I’m here for you
A thoughtful gesture
is much like a hug
ordering my second coffee, for instance
without me asking you to
switching sides without complaining, when we sleep
you know I like facing the door
It’s just one of my quirks, we laugh
I’m always thankful, you’ve never asked me to explain more
How about the ordinary?
like a walk along the shore,
or explaining to me patiently, yet again,
the intricacies of that damned alternator, that cost a fortune to fix
Yes, I tell him
we don’t need arms to hug
sometimes words and gestures will do
because together or apart
We means, a me and a you.

a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Saturday – Hugs

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