Homage to the sea

West Beach, Esperance, Western Australia.

I find the sea inexplicably seductive.  I love the feel of the frothy curl of waves around my ankles.  The treasures I find when the tide leaves.  The gentle rhythm of ocean time.  If there is such a thing, I was born with the beachcomber gene.  I always find something of interest.  Although I seek these moments of solitude on my own, I never feel alone when I’m walking along the shore.

I’ve come to understand, companionship, is the gift of the sea.

Young seagull, Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to Pic and a Word Challenge – Shoreline #220

Nature, like love

Sunrise, Esperance Bay, Western Australia

Nature has no walls
no roof, no fence line, nor gate
no grout, holding together
the colours that accentuate
Nature paints boldly
and never in black and white
Nature fills in spaces, taking risks
like love
in pink and blue
and sometimes grey, for contrast

a dawn bird

In response to Pic and a Word Challenge:  Risk #183

It’s Morning, again


The sun came out today
from behind a laden sky
to colour my world,
once monochrome
The grey clouds parted,
(they seldom did before)
So I laid my claim
that spilled into the bay
scooped that molten gold
to carry back with me
to share.

a dawn bird


In response to the Pic and a Word Challenge:  Colour

Bespoke dawn

My mother told me I was born to the sound of birdsong, so I wake each day to the same.  I quarantine that time for myself until I share it with an unknown audience.  This is my practice every day regardless of where I am in this large State.

My eyes are not always on the horizon.  The horizon is only a horizon when framed by something else.  It is changeable depending on the vista and perception.  Life has taught me to focus on what is within my power to change.  So my eyes focus on my feet where, when faced with crossroads, I make a choice which path I take.

Unlike my professional day, my personal day is uncharted so I start here at dawn.  It is a place of integration.  It is where I’m put together as one.

Bespoke dawn

The morning is my chapel

A painted sky, the ceiling

birdsong for hymn so sweet

a raptor folds his wings to listen

under a tree canopy,

I practice silence

surrounded by sound

and in that stillness

I seek and find Thee.

DSCN8824A young boab tree, Roebuck Bay, Broome, Western AustraliaDSCN9646Esperance Bay, Esperance, Western AustraliaDSCN0216Young bee catcher, Parry Creek, Wyndham, Western AustraliaDSCN9916Gum trees, South West, Western AustraliaDSCN8897Purple enamel orchid, South West, Western Australia

My wish for you is that you find your own space where you create your day, too.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird