A simple truth

via Daily Prompt: Glimmer

During a recent trip to the Goldfields, my schedule was the usual rush.  Overwhelmed by it all, at lunchtime I went straight to the hotel, lay down on the bed with sandwich in hand, and watched Dr Phil for half an hour before returning to the office.  Big mistake!  Did I feel rested?  Not a bit. All that angst on TV was not entertainment and did not nurture what needed to be nurtured that day.

I finished work at 4:30, returned to my room and was asleep by 8 pm, waking in the morning still tired.  This was not the kind of life I envisaged for myself.  On reflection, what was missing was my usual break in the arboretum.  The next day, I bought lunch before going into work so I could dash straight to the park.

Big breath!  I’m alone!DSCN6659.jpgWell, not quite!  The noisy wattle bird, now silent, was within reach.  Keeping my movements small, I put the sandwich down and picked up my camera.

DSCN6661.jpgEmboldened by the quiet, the bird started to feed.  They are a joy to watch.


DSCN7071.jpgThe wattle bird has ordinary plumage, and blends into the scrub with ease.  But I look for the distinctive vivid yellow belly, when I find them, nestled deep in foliage.

DSCN7099The wattle bird is fascinating to watch when it feeds, with the delicate red wattles dangling on either side of the head.  What is sacrifices in an unattractive metallic cackle call, it makes up in elegance.

DSCN7102.jpgWhen the wattle bird left to feed elsewhere, I found an acacia, the tiny flower, bright as a spotlight. It shone a light on a simple truth.

Collectively these moments add glimmer to my day, otherwise, work would be tedium.  And, that’s not what earning a living, is meant to be.

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a dawn bird