It’s Morning, again


The sun came out today
from behind a laden sky
to colour my world,
once monochrome
The grey clouds parted,
(they seldom did before)
So I laid my claim
that spilled into the bay
scooped that molten gold
to carry back with me
to share.

a dawn bird


In response to the Pic and a Word Challenge:  Colour

On Target

I set goals.  They anchor me.  Sometimes, several goals in a day.  Goal setting gives me purpose and makes me more productive.  Keeps me on target.

The last thing I do at night is set up my goals for the day.  It makes me wake with anticipation.

On the Fridays I am in Esperance, the last thing I do is check the time for the first light of day and sunrise.  I’m out of bed before this.

DSCN7407.jpgThis is Esperance Bay at first light.  The winter sun rises further left in the Eastern sky.  It spreads the softest light, before it rises.  Some people do this in life too.DSCN7410.jpgMy favourite spot to have my first coffee of the day is the end of the groyne.  Sometimes the dolphins visit to keep company.  DSCN7426.jpgI then head to West Beach to catch the glow of sunrise in the softest pinks, blues and greys.DSCN7436.jpgIf I meet my target for the day, I know I’ll find these folks too.  Nothing keeps them from catching a set, except maybe a shark warning.  Yes, maybe.DSCN7437.jpgSurfers seem to sense the potential in an opportunity and go for it even if it is a short ride.  They may not know this or see it as such, but each decision they make is a goal.  Enjoy the ride.DSCN7321.jpgAnd Woody Lake is where I sit and consolidate my day.  The solitude gives me vantage point.  It is where everything comes together in a moment of quiet.  My vision, enhanced with clarity.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird