I have been in a work frenzy, task focused and meeting deadlines, with all goals leading to having the month of June off.  Well, mostly off, with the exception of two work trips.  My plan is to start the new financial year with a clean slate and new goals to achieve.

My home has been under intermittent renovations for the past two years.  The floors are finally going to be laid.  It means the dust is contained and I can start unpacking my furniture and make this large house into a home.  The thought of nesting is exciting and energising.  My children have been waiting with bated breath to see the final outcome.  Much like me.  This home has been a dream.  It is now my reality.  Over twenty years ago when the parcel of land near the lake was released, due to circumstances beyond my control, I ended up living about half a kilometre away.  I was a visitor to this part of the suburb.  Now, it is home.  The difference in the environment around both homes in astounding.  My current home has butterflies in the garden.  Birdlife is prolific.  I am walking distance to the lake.  It has set a new benchmark.  Now, when browsing through real estate, a home for retirement, the criteria have been defined by my current home.

I have planned to be somewhere else for a few days in June.  Putting up my feet is top of the agenda!  The last time I felt so relaxed was over a year ago.  I was in Exmouth, a beautiful place north of Perth.  I recall the afternoon this picture was taken.  My room overlooked the water, there was birdlife everywhere.  It was hot.  Less than a month later the town was slammed by a cyclone with winds of 180km/hr that destroyed the infrastructure.  At the time, it was hard to believe the road to this idyllic place could be left in ruins.  But, the location makes the town vulnerable to cyclones.  The locals ride them out.  They just hold on through the eye of the storm.  Some people do this well.

The toss up of the warmth of Broome or the chilly, lush green of the south-west is the only dilemma at the moment.  A chalet, warm fireplace, good wine and cheese. books and writing is the drawcard for the south.  I am always hopeful, too, I will get to photograph the elusive fairy blue wren.  They are exquisite.  Then, there’s Broome.  Beautiful Broome.  Empty beach with muted pastel sky in the morning and fiery skies and chilled cider at sunset.  It is one of the few places where I really relax.

Having reflected on my choices, it is quite possible, I may visit both places!

May the choices you make today, bring you joy.

As always,

a dawn bird

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