Meelup Beach

Mention Meelup Beach and you’ll get a predictable, “Oh! it’s beautiful!” response from those who have visited this region.  Located some 250+ kms in the southwest region of Western Australia, it is a small beach that spills off parklands of gum trees.  There have been times we have seen kangaroos nibbling on grass nearby.  While my daughter and her boyfriend scoured the beach, I was, of course, chasing birds when I saw something starkly white in a tree.  I zoomed in and was delighted to see a kookaburra sitting silently.

Kookaburras are large but squat looking birds.  They are fluffy and have a huge beak.  They have an intelligent look in their eyes.  They are master hunters and target food with great accuracy.  Their flight is surprising silent.  Like unrequited love.

We left Meelup Beach and headed towards Castlerock, shimmering in the distance.  I had never been to that area before.  But as I had company for part of this holiday and young people adventurous to explore new places, I’ve found another ‘must visit again’ place.

This region of Western Australia has a charm of its own.  There is a gentility and grace that comes from a combination of tall timber and bluest water.  Living in Eagle Bay is for millionaires, I’m sure.  We came across fabulous homes tucked away in bushland, yet, just across from the water.  But give me a tent under those peppermint gum trees so I can wake to the laughter of kookaburras, and I would be the richest girl in the world.

I’m off to taller timber country today in the south west, but this time, further away from the coast and headed east.  It will be cold there!  It is cherry country in summer, and in winter, well known for the much sought after truffles.

Until next time,

As always,

a dawn bird

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