Through a new lens …

In a rush I filled my tote with everything that was on the passenger’s seat and went to the boot for my suitcase.  To my dismay the effort to save time was disastrous.  I unclipped my water bottle and flooded my favourite camera, the Nikon P600.  I was devastated!  The camera is ruined.

The next morning I felt lost.  I felt I had ended a long relationship.  I reached for a chocolate and ate it for breakfast.  I texted my daughter who thought my coping strategy was hilarious and she tried to comfort me.  “Just think … you’ll buy another one … and it will be fun … and you’ll realise you love it even more”.  She was right.  I went out and bought a Nikon P900.  I’m loving it!

The new camera is helping me to practice mindfulness.  Helping me to consider life through a new lens.

Mindfulness is a difficult concept to understand and even more difficult to practice.  But to my delight I found this morning … it helps clear the mind and things come into focus more sharply.  In that quiet stillness, in the heightened intimacy of the space shared between me and my Creator, I stared at my screen saver and noticed the mosquito on the blue lupin.  I wonder if it is visible to you too?

Savouring the exquisiteness of the ordinary is a new delight.  There are many more to come, I’m sure.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

2 thoughts on “Through a new lens …”

  1. Poor you! But I suspect the mosquito might not have been found by the previous camera!
    I look forward to the next round of images.


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