“Have you seen …?”

I’ve just returned from another trip.  Actually, I’ve been on several trips and have had no time to update my blog.  This time I met my regional manager in Esperance.  He is familiar with my passion for taking pictures.  He greeted me with “Have you seen the wild orchids yet?”  My eyes lit up as he directed me.  From the Dempster Head Lookout, squeeze through the trail, walk down the rock face and to the right is a walk way over the scrub.  You’ll find them there.  You better be quick.  They won’t last another week!”  It was all the information I needed.

After work I changed my clothes and shoes and headed off with camera in hand.  The squeeze through the trail was difficult and I was on high alert for snakes.  They are active at this time of year.  At times the birdlife flew so close to my face I felt the vibrations of their wings.  Then came the rock face.  “Don’t look down!  You’ll be fine”!  I encouraged myself and stepped down cautiously.  Once the walk way was in sight my pace quickened.  The Spider Orchid and Donkey Orchid (yellow) were exquisite.  They grow in a harsh environment and their fragility is breathtaking.  My pictures don’t do them any justice.  Then as the sun started to set I realised I had to climb up again!  Always a harder task!  But I did it!  When I looked back the view was spectacular.

Life for me has been this way.  I have learnt to think differently.  The results have been more than what I expected.

In the harshest of circumstances, I seek to see something beautiful and celebrate the experience.  Looking back from the climb up has its own rewards.  Yes, spectacular, comes to mind.

May you find joy in what ever view you perceive today.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

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