Spring, never arrived …

We are a month into spring, that has not yet arrived.  It is reported to be the longest and coldest winter we have experienced in a while.  For me, it has been longer and colder.

It felt like being in the throes of winter today.  I made an effort this morning to brave a blustering, biting wind that made my eyes tear.  Camera in hand, rugged up, I went outside to spend some time in the garden.  I walked around, looking for perfection and inhaling deeply, much like a mother who examines and nuzzles her newborn.  I was not disappointed.  The ornamental fruit tree is just starting to bloom.  I love the tiny, white flowers.  They grow on stark branches.  The geraniums continue to be in full bloom, pretending it is summer in their corner of the garden.  They are flamboyant in an otherwise staid landscape.  The lemon tree is in bud.  A tiny butterfly kept me company refusing to move and standing her ground in a fierce gust.  A lesson taught in a nanosecond to a willing student.

Ask anyone about the weather and the response will be, “I’m over it!”  Cold does this to people.  It makes them burrow into themselves, not daring to stretch.

Yes, I’m over it too.  I am over the cold.  And, I know the only way to counter cold is to seek warmth.  And, to do this, I must leave you …

As always

a dawn bird

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