About storms …

I was taught to believe storms are dangerous.  Perhaps, some are.  But not all.  Storms can be transformative.

As mentioned in the previous post, we are experiencing unseasonal weather.  Busselton, in fact most of the South West was buffeted by strong winds and rain.  I am learning to experience a storm differently.

I woke one morning, pre dawn, and rather than stay in bed, I went outdoors only to find the cloud formations were wonderful.  They were huge and hung so low, one could almost touch them.  The iconic Busselton Jetty that curves some 1.8 kms over the Bay in the morning light, was serene and more beautiful under a stormy sky.  During the day clouds were like a careless blanket cover thrown halfway across the Bay.  At sunset, still gorgeous and making a fiery statement, every sunset is a new day elsewhere.

Storms make us look upwards.  We try and interpret what we see.

I did not see a rainbow this time.

As always

a dawn bird

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