Happy New Year!

DSCN3819.jpgIt’s the first day of 2017!  The fireworks have fizzed into smoke until next year.  But, the champagne bubbles are still bubbling, and the cold beer frothing, I’m sure, in many homes.  I know they will in mine later tonight when I have company over.  Some wake to resolutions every new year.  I try and avoid annual resolutions.  I never keep them past a day or two.  Then I feel I have failed.  So I set goals for the day.  Sometimes the day is segmented into sections.  I find I achieve goals better and more effectively this way.  It also gives me a sense of satisfaction when I do.

The Australian flora teaches us a wonderful lesson.  Perhaps this happens in other parts of the world as well.  There are some plants that need the intensity of bushfires to help their seeds germinate.  Soon they spill colour onto an otherwise beige landscape that is so summer.  Last January a huge bushfire devastated a township.  On the highway from Perth to Bunbury there was kilometre after kilometre of charred trees and vegetation.  A few months later, I found new growth.  The grass trees are more prolific than before.  There are vine climbing up darkened branches.  From the sombre grey of ashes, new life begins.

I’m inspired by this.  At the end of each year I reflect on what went well and what didn’t.  An inventory, if you like.  There are some experiences I know I will not repeat but they were necessary.  I needed the heat for ideas to germinate.  There are others I’m eager to try.  This year I’m determined to get some big ticket bucket list experiences crossed off the list.  I’ve built my work schedule around them.  This is an unusual year.  I’ve had one annual resolution.  And, it has already been achieved.  My down time for personal growth has been organised.  I feel elated at the very thought!

May the new year bring you joy.  May it bring love and laughter of family and friends into your life.  And, may you grow and blossom during those intense moments of searing heat.  Because, that’s when life begins.

Until next time

As always

A dawn bird



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