Challenge, changes us

It is said that challenges change us.  For me, this is true.  Taking photographs was never my thing.  Hand me a camera and you would get a blurry shot.  Guaranteed!

Alone at the beach recently, with just a passing jogger or cyclist in the distance, I saw a ball of white fluff moved across the landscape.  It looked out of place on the sand.  I zoomed in and much to my surprise found a tiny bird, a plover of some kind, I believe, headed towards the waves.  Surprised, because I’ve never seen the bird so far south.  I usually see them in Broome, some 2000 km north.  They are tiny and scurry at great speed.  I’ve seen one fly a short distance only once.  They can be difficult to get in focus because they move quickly across the sand.  And, they blend in with their environment beautifully.  Forty minutes later and over 100 photographs playing a game of “where’s wally”, the bird moved towards me, even standing still for a moment for me to get a picture.  And, then against a rock.  And finally, a small call.  Delighted with the interaction, the challenge then was to leave the beach and resume my day.

Photography is teaching me to see the world differently.  It makes me view the world differently.  I see things, I never saw before.  It makes me look outwards first, before looking inwards.  The result is joy in small things.  Nothing matters until I get this daily hit at some time during my day.  It can happen roadside while eating a sandwich in a hot car or on a balmy beach at dawn.  The challenge has become to pursue joy, every day and, in each day.  It is a challenge that has changed me.

May you, too, find joy in small things this weekend.

Until next time

As always

a dawnbird

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