When new life begins …

Last spring while walking in a nature reserve a Willy Wagtail caught my eye.  They usually do, because they are joyful creatures.  They are quick, have the sweetest call, and shake their tail feather like we all should do.  I also find their company comforting.  They are fearless and will not fly away on approach.  So to find a bird in the tree, quiet and not moving was unusual.  I zoomed in but could not see clearly because of the thicket.  I thought it was trapped by a leg in the thick brush, and, fearful of predators, silent.  Early morning, still concerned, I returned to the area.  Amazingly, the thicket had cleared, what was blocking my view, fell away.  I could see clearly.  It was a mother in a nest.  The clarity and perfection of the moment, delighted me.

Over the next few visits, the nest disappeared.  A few days ago while walking in the same area, a tiny Willy Wagtail chick dropped at my feet.  Shiny, new, curious, fearless, trusting.  A new life has begun.  It gave me pause for thought.

The reality of life is simple. In Nature, seeds and eggs burst, break, crack, as part of the process that brings new life into being.

So also with people. Sometimes, things have to break or sever, for new life to begin.

May today find you are able to break free from all that binds and traps you. When you do, new life awaits you.


Until next time,

As always,

a dawn bird

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