A rainbow at my feet

While walking through Celebrity Park, Kununurra, locals would walk by glancing in the direction of my focus.  They soon got used to my presence in the park and would ask, “have you seen the rainbow bee eaters?”  At that point the birds were elusive.  I knew they were in the park but even with the incredible biodiversity, I could not find them.  And then, just when I was focused on something else, I caught glimpse of them early one morning.  Right above me, a pair, with one chomping on a dragonfly.

Once I saw them, they were everywhere, their distinctive tail streamer, setting them apart from the sacred kingfisher.  In sunlight, I could not get a good picture of their beautiful markings and colours until one dropped down at my feet in the tall grasses along the Lagoon.

So, naturally, I share with you a rainbow at my feet!

Until next time

As always,

a dawn bird



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