A Garden of Eden

I woke one morning with the thought what if my Creator said to me “I gave you a Garden of Eden and …”.  I realised in that moment, I have been tempted by the serpent of anxiety that keeps me working.

Having resigned from one job, I am enjoying every moment of life.  Autumn is ending.  Spring is here in two weeks.  The air in Narrogin was still chilly enough to enjoy a hot beef roll with gravy and home made soup for dinner, warm socks, pjs, rubbish TV.  A perfect night in.

I spent early mornings and dusk at Foxes Lair.  The wild orchids are prolific at the moment.  They are fragile, exquisite and tiny.  Perfection!  They grow in harsh undergrowth.  Or under the shade of giant gum trees.  Now that I can identify the flowers, my eyes search and find them with ease.

I believe I have not only found my Garden of Eden, but I am living in it.  It was a gift, ignored.  Unseen.  It was always there.  I never saw it before.  Never experienced it before.  Never appreciated it before.

Sharing the space with my Creator, and with you, is the gift I give in return.

May you find your Garden of Eden, too.  It’s worth the search.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

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