Goal setting is an interesting journey for me. I’m always looking at new ways to do this. It’s like flying over familiar territory and seeing a new perspective. It’s like seeing beautiful Broome for the first time.


Professionally, I am required to set some developmental goals and expected to achieve them every year. I do this easily in my personal life. The journey is often a private one, but professionally, it is harder. The goals are more complex and demanding, but, I achieved them this year. The feeling is one of exhilaration as my supervisor has stretched me professionally in a year of frequent travel. With the end of my professional development cycle in sight, I celebrated when I was in Broome recently.



My personal goals this year were to tick a few things off my bucket list. I have always wanted to stay at one of Broome’s oldest hotels. It is the grande dame of them all. The architecture is pure Broome, all corrugated walls, ceiling fans, frangipani scented gardens, water falls and lily ponds. It is also one of the most expensive hotels to stay at. Chilled champagne at check in, service staff to carry luggage across the gardens in golf carts and the food, delicious. Cable Beach, is just a stroll across the bar. There is only one track for 4WD beach access for locals and tourists alike. The narrow path carries SUVs to the beach and back (it is visible just to the right of the 2017 in the picture).


The other goal I had was to experience a camel ride at sunset on Cable Beach. It is a tourist thing to do. I’ve been to Broome over 15 times in the last few years but have never had the time to do this. During this trip, I allocated time for this goal and achieved it. I looked for an opportunity to enjoy ‘down time’ as part of my self-care. The opportunity has always been there, I just did not recognise it. I did this time.  I had written the goal.  It made the difference.


One of the most important lessons I’ve learnt this year, professionally and personally, is to know where I want to go and how to get there. I’ve developed my own personal map for this.  My journey continues.  Like the initially uncomfortable camel ride, one adjusts, finds one’s comfort zone and then sits back to enjoy the ride.  Hand on heart, I am.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

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