December, in Kalgoorlie

I’ve just returned from my last trip to Kalgoorlie for the year.  The two days went fast.  Too fast.  As I’m booked back-to-back on these trips, I always ‘escape’ to the Aboreteum during my lunch break.  I love my time with the gum trees and birds.

The gum flowers blossom on straggly trees, their boughs droop with leaves, nuts and flowers.  They are ordinary to the naked eye.  I know this because I have ignored them for as long as I can remember.  But, in the absence of other things that catch my eye, Kalgoorlie has introduced me to the beauty of these flowers, and, the perfume of eucalyptus.


The gum nuts are hard, and each frosted nut, perfection-in-waiting.


Evenly sliced around the crown, the flowers frill into bloom.

DSCN9688Delicate and fragile, the bees and birds lead my lens to them.

DSCN9697Some resemble a lashed eye.

DSCN9692Sharing this space with me, is the singing honey eater.


I’m always surprised when my alarm goes off, reminding me to return to the clinic.  How can 60 minutes go that fast is a constant grumble, under my breath!

Reverie broken, the next few hours go faster, only because, I return at sunset, to see the leaves blush under my watchful gaze.

DSCN9684I have been incredibly busy as I wind up for Christmas.  I seem to be typing reports and doing nothing else.

So, before the sun set today, I thought I’d take you with me to the Aboreteum, to where the gum flowers bloom.

May your eye see, what my heart feels in this special place.

Until next time.

As always,

a dawn bird


One thought on “December, in Kalgoorlie”

  1. Reblogged this on Reflections of An Untidy Mind and commented:
    Sometimes I get a little tired of my own voice – which is a little silly because I’ve tried to spare you every little thought that passes through my mind 🙂 . So I thought I would share another blog I came across recently – Shared Space, Musings of a Dawnbird. There is a calmness in it that really speaks to me. I guess I’m just a country girl at heart. Enjoy.


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