DeJa Vu

I’m time poor this week with quick overnight turn abouts and project managing the house renovations so I thought I’d repost something from a while back.  I’m unsure about the etiquette of reblogging, so apologies for any unintended transgressions.

I’m gritting my teeth trying to meet deadlines before I fly out tomorrow.  I need some inspiration to keep going tonight, so I thought I’d share this moment of serendipity with you.  The lesson learnt that moment in Bunbury, was to try and try again.

The Kite Surfer

It was late dusk when I saw him.  He was young, tall, lean, and strong.  He epitomised seaside youth.  I had no option but turn my car around.  This I wanted to see.  His determination.

DSCN8266 The sun was fading fast.  The wind strong.  My eyesight weak.  But like him, I set up, waiting for success.DSCN8268He leaned right back, now almost lying down.  He had done this before.  The gouges in the sand, his history.DSCN8269The wind lifted him.  Airborne!DSCN8271But only for a nanosecond.  He came down with a thump.  His legs flailing before impact.DSCN8272The wind was not in his favour.  But, he did it all over again, and again, and again.

I had stopped to see his determination.  I left with more.  I experienced it.

The serendipity between strangers is something I cherish.  Lessons taught by strangers.  Unintentionally.  In quiet spaces between sun, sand and sea.

And, I hope, in this shared space.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


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