Egg, a new life


At the end of my last work day this month I found a tiny egg while bush walking.  Right at my feet.  Perhaps it had fallen from a nest but I could not find the source.

My first thought on seeing the egg was “new life”!  I walked back to my car, reflecting on the past month.

I was committed to work differently  this year.  It was at the top of my learning plan.  The old phrase, work smarter, not harder, was something I wanted to practice.  Yet, despite the workload, I still have energy left over to enjoy my break for the next few days.  This is working to plan.  What has made the difference?

At night I list my tasks for the next day.  In the morning, I organise them by priority.

As an independent practitioner, I can pick and choose my work.  I chose well this month.

With the reward firmly in sight, productivity has been easy to achieve.

I want more of the same next month.

But, before then, I’m off to enjoy a brief holiday.  This, my new life.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird





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