Silvereye …

On a recent regional trip, I had two days of solid work.  I retreated to my hotel room in the 30 minute lunch breaks, closed the curtains and shut out the world.

There was no ‘me’ time at the end of the day either.  I had reports to complete and wanted to stay on target.  I limped over the line with the promise of two hours in the bush in the morning before my flight home.

I went to bed restless.  I could hard wait for morning.  I woke at 4 am and thought it was too early for my neighbour to be having a shower, then realised, it was raining.  How is this even possible!  Two glorious days of sunshine and now steady rain.  For a split second I felt cheated.  I then remembered, small birds, like children, love puddles.  By 5 am I showered and packed.  I wanted to spend as long as I could in the bush, then headed out to it.

Although there is a variety of scrub, silvereye seem to prefer a small stretch of bush land in this area.  And, of course, it has to be in the most awkward place, on a blind bend.  On a miserable day I thought I was alone at the lake but was soon joined by two fisherman who were patient with me while I took a picture, this, of course, being country courtesy.  (Can you see the small black and white bird in the scrub?)

DSCN8575Silvereye are tiny birds.  They weigh around 10 grams.  To find one feeding, oh! the joy!

DSCN8574I parked my car and walked to them.  Soon the flock relaxed in my company.  Some sitting on bare branches.  This little one, still holding an insect.

DSCN8705One allowed me to inch closer.  The puddle, just across from it, proving irresistible.

DSCN8677On the ground, they bunny hop.  I caught this one mid-hop.

DSCN8691I’m pretty sure the look of surprise on my face, was just as comical.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

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