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For those who do not believe, this post may be difficult for them to understand or appreciate what faith means to someone who does. I don’t judge them.  I hope the feeling is reciprocated.

I have not raised my children to be church going.  I decided to live my faith instead, so they experience it.

Faith is a constant motif in my life.  It is my compass.  My guiding hand.  My comfort.  It brings me joy.

I believe whatever has happened and continues to happen in my life, is a mere piece of a complex mosaic.  It may look distorted to some, and at times, to me.  I don’t know what the Artist’s vision is, but I delight in each fragment that will complete the whole.

DSCN7145There are times my wings are tattered and I can barely hold on.  These are not challenging times.  They are just reminders, at times like this, faith renews my wings.

DSCN8202.jpgAnd it does.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird



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