The sorry seagull

I watched a Pacific Gull fly over the ocean to the shore.

DSCN9120Breakfast, freshly caught, in beak.

DSCN9122He rinsed the creature in the ocean, while those thug-like seagulls surrounded him.

DSCN9124In a flash, it was gone, and I watched a free for all.

DSCN9129The big gull looked on, bemused.

DSCN9126But, managed to get his meal back.  This time the seagulls, looked on, silently.

DSCN9132The tide was cruel, and took the creature back to sea.  The Pacific Gull looked on forlornly.

DSCN9158it stalked the shore

DSCN9136waited patiently

DSCN9159then turned his back

DSCN9160and flew back to the sea.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


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