End of summer

It’s the second last day of summer.  Autumn is in the air.  There’s a chill in the early morning.  My feet need warmth.

I recall the warmth of the sea that encased my feet, not long ago in Jurien Bay.

DSCN9022The morning was tinted in muted colours.  The beach, nearly empty.

DSCN9005When the jogger was out of sight, the seagull kept me company

DSCN8925I stepped off the jetty to watch the dolphins play.  They enjoyed the limelight.

DSCN8929As if it noticed me, one flipped on it’s back and swam a length, to show off the latest party trick.

DSCN8959The tide was leaving.  The sun arrived.

DSCN9142I started to see things that first startled me … a mouse?!

DSCN9076I relaxed.  Angel wings, or perhaps a butterfly.

DSCN9176I realised, the pristine sand was just shells, waiting for time, like me.

DSCN9027There was plenty to distract me, like the honeyeater in the scrub.

DSCN8973The cormorant on the pontoon, in the early morning sun.

DSCN8983The pied oystercatcher, with mate.

DSCN8996As the day ended, lovers, like lovers often do, stopped to watch a setting sun slide into the sea.

DSCN9096Like I said in the previous post, yes I’ve travelled the world, but every morning I wake in awe, to find it at my feet.

May you do too.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird





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