Counting blessings …

In each town I visit, my schedule often runs the same.  I make time for camera and me.  It’s a priority.

Take early mornings in a small town in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia.  I prefer the nature reserve in the mornings.  It is filled with sunlight, birdsong and flowers.DSCN9311In autumn, the Mallee gum trees are frosted with blossoms.DSCN9272.jpgI’ve come to learn, the Australian Ringneck parrots, love these gum trees too.  I follow the scatter of gum flowers from one trail to another. DSCN9352There are boughs of flowers, and sometimes, even a neat posy.DSCN9360.jpgAnd the ones that are past their prime, are still beautiful.DSCN9384.jpgSometimes, just a hint of colour in the scrub.DSCN9392.jpgDelicate buds, waiting to bloom.DSCN9345.jpgThe Prickly Dryandra is favoured by the smaller birds, who appear after the parrots have left.DSCN9289.jpgBut not this time.  They were sitting on the tree branches, highly visible to the eye.DSCN9412.jpgThis one took my breath away.DSCN9419.jpgAnd this one did the same.

I remember a time when going to work meant stress, thinking for three, battling peak hour traffic, arriving late.

No more.

When I’m in this town, I wake early and head out to the reserve.  I have time to return to my accommodation, get dressed for work and leave by 8:29 and arrive early for a 8:30 start.

Yes, I’m counting my blessings.

Life has changed.

Or, perhaps, I have.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird




10 thoughts on “Counting blessings …”

      1. I’m not great at it either, but I live with people who have good eyesight and good memories. The first bird ignited some debate, but my son seems convinced it is a juvenile Rufous Whistler, and the second pair are a male and female scarlet robin. But he could tell us anything and we would believe him. 🙂


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