Ah ha!

via Daily Prompt: Grasp

Psychologists wait for ‘ah ha’ moments in therapy, when things start to make sense.  So I thought I’d share my therapeutic encounters with you.

DSCN5692.jpgI’ve found mother and child stay together, as long as necessary for survival.DSCN5670.jpgWait long enough, tide and time will make rocks crumble.DSCN5675.jpgWhen exploited, the earth bleeds red.DSCN5509.jpgIn the harsh Pilbara mining region, if you look hard enough, there is an oasis outside the door.DSCN5448.jpgAnd in the red dust of the Goldfields, nuggets are found in the scrub.DSCN9554.jpgA Wheatbelt sunset is more beautiful, when a solitary silhouette gives it perspective.DSCN9627.jpgWake early enough, the party has started with a festoon of pink galahs on gum trees.DSCN5389.jpgIn the Midwest, the white heron is always poised.DSCN5421.jpgBut the pelican can have an inelegant moment or three.DSCN9731.jpgIn Esperance, the solitary seek the sea, as friend.DSCN9960.jpgOnce past prime, a flower is still beautiful, when it hits the pavement.DSCN9984.jpgWhen admonishment is necessary, the Willie Wagtail is never far away.  DSCN5655.jpgIf one’s lucky, the sea eagle may look you straight in the eye.

In those mindful moments, what I didn’t know then, I know now.

It is an undeniable truth.  Nature has me in her grasp.


Until next time

a dawn bird


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