No doubt like millions of others, I wake to news headlines every day.  They ignite feelings of outrage, empathy and dare I say, a sense of helplessness, or we rise to our feet in applause for those who demand change.  So instead of reading headlines this morning, (the news of yesterday being deflating), I decided to start my day differently.

Reaching for something warm this morning to take some chill away, I lay in bed thinking of what I would cook for breakfast for my son who will be visiting me.  The thought was warmer than any blanket within reach.

My son once commented, he likes that I find time to relax when I travel.  He’s always concerned about my workload.  When he reads this post he’ll know, when I’m out working regionally, the headliners I ‘read’, invigorate me.

DSCN8221.JPGWith thousands of photographs to catalogue, I don’t know the names of the wildflowers I photograph.  Do I really need to?  They say what they need to say.DSCN8581.jpgI’ve found a pink banksia cone in a national park in Jurien Bay.  They usually range in shades of gold and orange, so a pink one, is sheer delight.DSCN8460.jpgI’m not sure of this plant either that sprouted long prongs of flowers, but I feel I’ve looked right into the heart and found nothing but smaller things that made it bigger.DSCN9761.jpgAnd, the wild spider orchid, Mardi Gras flamboyant in bloom, always finds a place to perform, in a dense forest.DSCN8896.JPGMuch like the kangaroo paw, still, poised in mid-bloom.DSCN8566.jpgThen there are purple flowers, with trails of happy tears, after the rain.DSCN8840.JPGThere are others, who make me peer even closer to look at the tinier bloom, within bloom.DSCN9429.JPGThere are plain, pristine pure white blooms, like angels that brighten gloom.DSCN9029.JPGPom poms with individual exquisite flowers, the detail within them, beyond description.DSCN8908.JPGAnd trigger plants that swing in the breeze, like joyful children, in a playground.

So this morning, I thought I’d share my headliners with you as you start (or end your day) to remind you, there is much beauty in the world, even when some days, it does not seem that way.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird



5 thoughts on “Headliners”

  1. Wonderful headlines. As I scrolled through the photos, I would stop at each one and would think – oh, that’s my favourite. My philosophy when it comes to favourites (as it relates to dogs, children and birds) is that my favourite is whichever one I happen to be looking at, at the time. I’ll have to extend that philosophy to flowers too.

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