I’ve had the luxury of being home for several days.  It’s given me the opportunity to catch up on reports and also chores.  With a house under renovation, living in disarray and dust has been nothing less than a challenge.  But, I’m home.  Truly home.  Because life is evolving to be something more peaceful and joyful.

I’ve adapted to frequent travel by making where ever I am, home.  I’ve learned by staying to routine and order reduces stress.  I also know there are some places the food is excellent and in others, terrible.  In the past I would forget and ended up with a dinner I could barely eat.  Now if I order the same meal once a month in the same town, I know it’s guaranteed to be a winner, so I look forward to my eggplant parmigiana in Kalgoorlie!  Being tidy and orderly with my belongings means I don’t leave anything behind.  I keep keys, jewellery, sunglasses in one designated spot.  I carry all my files in one zipped bag.  What I take out, goes back in when finished.  I have a set of clothes I use only when I travel so I don’t have to browse through my closet before each trip.  (It’s cut out the agony of indecision!).  Experiencing a sense of orderliness in a chaotic schedule has been a lifesaver.  I’ve become accustomed to this way of life.  It has reduced stress significantly.  I wondered if I could use the same philosophy on making healthy choices by setting boundaries on what to eat and when.

On reflection of my habits, I realised how external factors influence our decision making on a daily basis.

Marketing is, curiously, an unseen power that influences our daily life.  It can be insidious.  At one time we walked into a petrol station, paid for the fuel and left.  Then came the hot snacks and soft drinks.  ‘Convenience’ was promoted.  Now it is difficult to find a petrol station without a major cafe or fast food restaurant attached to it.  The Live Lighter ad is one that has influenced my thinking about choice over convenience.  For those not familiar with it, a young man walks into the petrol station and glances at the hot snacks and energy drinks, while the message about ‘toxic fat’ is visually presented with yellow shimmering fat encasing gut and heart, becomes a deterrent.  He pays for fuel and leaves.  My lifestyle often mimics that of long distance truck drivers.  I sit around a lot.  Yes, a lot.  In cars, in planes, in offices.  Some days the only walking I do is between the taxi rank and terminal.  My snacks are healthy in the car – water, fresh fruit, walnuts, but I would grab a hot snack, usually in a petrol station, when I could because I didn’t know when I would eat again.  But I’ve made a change.  I carry a cooler bag packed with a sandwich.  Now I can walk into the petrol station and walk out having paid for fuel only.  Oddly enough, the comfort of knowing I’m carrying food, doesn’t make me hungry!

I was watching a David Attenborough documentary the other day about birds making their nests.  They only use what they need.  Why don’t we?  I’m ashamed to say in clearing my walk in pantry, I found I had four slow cookers of various brands, each promoting a new feature.  Yes, it would appear, I fell for the marketing!  In my closet I found a pair of skinny jeans that I loved wearing but they no longer fit and, importantly.  I’m not fitting into them any time soon.  Yes, I love them.  But giving them away would bring joy to someone else who finds them in the second hand shop, at a much cheaper price and nearly brand new.  It’s in the charity bag.

I’m nesting.  Using and keeping only what I need.  It’s a good feeling.  And, just like a bird sitting in a nest sends out a clear message.  Yes, nesting can only mean one thing.  New life.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


2 thoughts on “Home”

    1. I thought our posts were similar, too! Yes, uncanny!
      I enjoy using a slow cooker but only when I’m home. I like the aroma of food cooking! I’m giving away three. I’m experiencing something different … my home is bigger than the last one but I want less in it. Should make down sizing easier when I’m at that junction.

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