Breathe in, breathe out

I drove to Narrogin on a holiday weekend in poor weather.  The stress of it all left me exhausted when I got to my destination.  I ordered room service and by 7:30 pm I was snuggled warm in bed with a bowl of hot soup.  The next morning the winds howled and it poured more rain.  It was still dark at 7 am when I rugged up and went outdoors to move my car away from the tall gum trees that swayed precariously above.  I had a full clinic.  I thought the weather would keep folks indoors.  Everyone attended.

I finished worked after 5 pm and it was already dark.  The tension of travel and end of financial year, when bean counters are busy decision-making, I felt spent and needed renewal.  I admit to feeling a bit cheated.  I hadn’t taken any photographs.

With the rain and wind over the previous two days I did not dare risk going into Foxes Lair in case there was debris on the track.  The tracks are narrow and there is no space to turn and exit.  Entry by car is one way so I couldn’t risk being stranded.  My plan for the next day was to wake early, as usual, and try and head back to Perth earlier than my usual plans.

Those plans were scuttled.  The next morning I woke to pea-soup fog.

DSCN7207.jpgI watched sunrise from bed.  The sun appeared, a bleary eye, and then disappeared, like the town beneath it in the distance.  Oh! well!  I better pack and try and head off home cautiously, I thought.  I did just that.

Between my hotel and Foxes Lair, a distance of a few hundred metres, the temptation was too intense.  The fog had lifted and there was visibility.  I thought I’d risk it and headed into the bushland.  I needed the sights, the sounds and the smells of the Australian bush.  My happy place.DSCN7233.jpgI got out of my car to all that I wanted in that moment.DSCN7241I found colour and life.DSCN7216.jpgRefreshed by rain, the greens and greys of the bush were vivid.  I was greedy and gulped the pristine air.DSCN7219.jpgOn prostrate scrub there were splashes of white, pale pink and peach.DSCN7273.jpgAt the cusp of winter, a hint of spring.DSCN7267It’s difficult to see but this track sparkled like a carpet of a million diamonds.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it!DSCN7223.jpgI took it all in.  What falls away, makes it autumn.  Then comes spring.  So in life, too.DSCN7258.jpgDeep in thought I was startled by a rustle behind me.  I turned around and caught this mother kangaroo in mid hop.DSCN7249.jpgShe led her joey to feeding.  I was transfixed.DSCN7168.jpgThe joey was curious about me.DSCN7171.JPGOh! those eyes and beautiful velvet ears!DSCN7229.jpgThe red breasted robin hopped around me, then perched on a branch for a perfect picture.DSCN7231.jpgWhile Mrs red breasted robin watched his vanity.

After a chaotic few days, I was immersed in a world of sights and sounds that renewed me.

I felt like a ‘disney’ princess and experienced a moment of happily ever after.

In that moment I realised there is no smile more genuine or meaningful, than the one you share with your inner self.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

7 thoughts on “Breathe in, breathe out”

  1. This is a tale of self-renewal. You knew what you needed and went out and got it – kudos! Well-deserved!
    That joey’s face melts my heart – so endearing. And the robins were simply perfect. A fire burns within each breast. Great shots!

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